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WELCOME  To  Glyn Salisbury’s Fretwork.

Glyn Salisbury’s Fretwork is a small family business with a 30 year history. We are based very close to the northern coast of mainland Scotland, we have been described by some to be one of the most northerly woodcraft business.

Over the years our traditional range of wooden gifts has been created by the art of fretwork.

Fretwork is an older craft that is now re-emerging as a highly desired piece of giftware. Even more so when the item has been skilfully hand crafted and hand finished using a variety of finishes and hardwood species.

The most popular finish is that of Linseed Oil. A liberal coating of Boiled Linseed Oil has several effects, one, is it preserves the wood and gives it a lustrous glow and feel. Another result of oiling is the highlighting of the natural wood grain.

Throughout the years it has been myself doing the cutting whilst Su, my wife, attends to the finishing off.

What is Fretwork?

Fretwork is one of the oldest forms of woodworking around and can either be a very simple piece or a complex work of art.

Fretwork, simply put, is a design cut out of a solid piece of material. Here at Glyn Salisbury’s Fretwork we pride ourselves in our workmanship. With attention to detail, from the smallest piece to the largest.

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